SS : シールド新品
N : 新品
M- : 新品同様(デッドストックなども含む)
Ex+: 中古盤としてはかなり良好。
Ex : 僅かに擦れなどがあり多少チリノイズなど入る個所もあるが十分楽しめる.
Ex-: 細かい擦れなどがありチリノイズなどが入る。一般的な中古盤のグレード
VG : 全体的に擦れが多少目立つ、このクラスのVG-なるとチリノイズがかなり目立つ。
G : かなり傷んでいる。G-になると音飛びする箇所もある。
P : かなり酷いボロボロ

S : シールド新品
N : 新品
M : 新品同様の美品
Ex+: 良好
Ex : 僅かに擦れなどあるが中古盤として良好。
Ex-: 汚れ擦れがあるが全体的に見て一般的な中古盤の状態。
VG : このクラスは多少目立つリングウェアなど擦れ傷みがある。
G : かなり傷んでいる。 
P: ジャンク品!


The condition display for the list is in the order of Vinyl/Jacket.

Regarding Vinyl Condition:
SS: Sealed, brand new.
N: Brand new.
M-: Like new, including dead stock.
Ex+: Very good condition for a used record.
Ex: Slight signs of wear and some minor surface noise, but enjoyable overall.
Ex-: Fine scratches and surface noise present, typical for a used record.
VG: Noticeable wear and VG- may have significant surface noise.
G: Considerably damaged, and G- may have skipping parts.
P: Severely damaged.

Regarding Jacket Condition:
S: Sealed, brand new.
N: Brand new.
M: Like new, excellent condition.
Ex+: Very good.
Ex: Minor scratches and signs of use, but generally in good condition for a used item.
Ex-: Some dirt and wear, typical for a used item overall.
VG: Some noticeable ring wear and scratches.
G: Considerably damaged.
P: Junk item!

*Even brand new items may have flaws on the jacket, such as scratches. We check and indicate any issues.
*The used items we sell are from my personal collection.
For used CDs, Ex indicates a standard condition without any specific issues. (M is not used unless it's like new.)

Matrix numbers are not important to us, and whether it's a first pressing or not doesn't matter. If you are particular about these details, please consider purchasing from specialized stores.
Even with brand new items, there may be issues such as missing jackets or inner sleeves.
*Please note that the condition is based on individual judgment.
We kindly decline purchases from customers who are overly sensitive or particular.